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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20151-MCP sobre características físicas de nochebuena y rosa en poscosechaRuíz Alvarado, Cristina 
-2009 recession and expansion from 2010 to 2012 in the states of Mexico
-40 years of Ciencias Marinas
-A bridge in the cross-border zone: Social representations, identities and conflict. The case Posadas-Encarnacion
-A brief history of international meetings of the Western Society of Naturalists
-A Competency or Capability-Based Approach in Schools?
-A Conceptual Test in Quantum Physics for Engineering Students
-A Correlation Study between Telematic Simulation and English Language Skills
-A debate la Educación Superior y la Ciencia en México: recuperar preguntas clave
-A decade of changes: Formal education and transborder linkages of young people in highly urbanized areas of the northern border
-A Descriptive Analysis of University Administration in Ecuador from the Perspective of Legislative Change
-A feedforward-moment-gyro-control for positioning wirelessly light-source and wireless- camera in laparoscopic instruments
-A Framework for Assessing Institutional Conditions of Online Teaching
-A Functional Approximation to the “Main Idea” Notion of a Text
-A Glance at International Curriculum Perspectives. Towards a Democratic, Deliberative and Living Curriculum
-A History of the Concept of Educational Justice in México
-A knowledge management model for graduate development
-A Layered Model for Quality Evaluation of Learning Objects in Repositories
-A Men’s Shed as a Community that Facilitates Well-Being in the Elderly
-A Meta-Analysis of ICT-Based Education in Mexico and Latin America